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2020 Jan 11 - 18 Cambodia Yoga Cultural Holiday - ONE ROOM OPEN!

January 11, 2020

Join our small group of adventure seekers as we explore and practice in Cambodia. The last room could be yours! Book two guests in a shared room and SAVE $200 usd/person.  That is a savings of $400! (Applies to new bookings only).  Until the end of SEPTEMBER 2019, pay your 50% of your shared  room for you and your friend and you will save $200/person. 

Practice yoga in Cambodia, a country that will touch you in ways you may not imagine.  You will laugh and you will cry. From breathtaking temples to a heart breaking past, come and see for yourself.  

Journey with us as we take an in-depth, three day tour of the main temples of Angkor with a guide. Angkor Wat is the largest and one of the best preserved religious monuments in the world.  It was originally constructed as a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and later it was transformed into a Buddhist temple around the 12th century.  Rising at 4 am, you will be escorted into the quiet temple before daylight to watch the infamous sun rise over the ethereal Angkor Wat.  Learn the history of this spectacular monument as you explore this incredible site.  Later you will be free to wander on your own, find a quiet spot to meditate and in some of the quieter temples we may even practice yoga!  We shall also see the breathtaking temples of Ta Prohm (temple from Tomb Raider), Banteay Srei (dedicated to Lord Shiva) and Bayon Temple of the massive smiling faces.  Each will leave you speechless.  These are sacred temples.  You will be asked to keep your shoulders and knees covered as we respect these places of prayer and worship.  You too, like me, may feel inclined to sit quietly in meditation.  

Other experiences await us in our 7 night stay in Siem Reap.  Included in your price is:  7 night accommodations at a westernized luxury wellness resort, a welcome drink, tropical fruit platter on arrival, 2 bottles of water per room daily, breakfast and dinner at the resort (Western and Asian options), nightly turn down service, complimentary toiletries, use of 3 pools and the gym, a week long pass for Angkor Wat, Tuk Tuk rides from 8 am - 8 pm daily into Siem Reap, ground transportation from Siem Reap airport to resort,  a guide for 3 days, a unique cooking class starting with an ox cart ride to purchase food at local market, one massage at the resort, and of course daily yoga!  Please note lunch is not included as some of you may prefer to try the local cuisine offsite.  Others will have the opportunity to go back onsite to eat should you choose (your expense).  Off site local meals are inexpensive and delicious.  Try their local culinary dish Amok (steam cooked curry often served in banana leaves).  Some of you will be happy to know that Siem Reap also has some vegan and vegetarian restaurants (more variety than Chatham!) You can simply ask your Tuk Tuk driver to drop you off until you get oriented to the land!  

I was totally surprised and fell in love with Cambodia. Yes it is dusty during the dry season (our period of travel), yes they have obvious reminders of the atrocities that have transpired there during the period of the  Kymer Rouge when a mass state-sponsored genocide took place between 1975 - 1979.  I was told by a local that no family was left untouched during one of the worst mass killings of the 20th century.  Yes they have areas off limits due to landmines, predominately in the rural farming areas. Please follow the signs and DO NOT venture off a path.   

We are also hoping to offer you an opportunity to give back to the local people by helping their children.  You may have an opportunity to visit and volunteer at a school focused on giving children tools and skills to get them off of the street.  There are many NGO's in this country helping, you too may be touched and want to help out in some way.  = Karma Yoga.

A few suggestions to honour the Cambodian people: dress respectfully, do not extend a hand to shake but instead bring your hands to your body (like we do in yoga namaste) the higher you raise your hands means more respect, the head is sacred so please do not touch a head of the many children you will see despite how cute they are, women are not to touch monks, displays of affection and loudness is not typically seen. Photography?  It is not unusual for Cambodians do not smile as taking a picture is a serious thing!   Cambodia is a country with obvious poverty and you will see children begging.  There is a serious effort to get the children back to school to learn skills to get them off the streets.  If you give them money, their family will keep them on the street.  Want to help? Instead of giving them money,  support one of the non profit non government programs that provides children life skills. You will see ventures of people just like you that were so touched by this country they created programs to help. Eat at one of their restaurants dedicated to teaching them these skills or a shop that supports their crafts. 

I wager that it is impossible to leave Cambodia the same as you arrived.  You will be touched, inspired, overwhelmed and have your heart taken over by this country.  Come and see for yourself.

Proposed Itinerary (order may change):

Arrive Sat January 11, 2020 - receive tuk tuk transport from the airport to the hotel, welcome dinner.

Sunday Jan 12, 2020 - morning meditation and yoga, breakfast, explore the resort and maybe venture for a Tuk Tuk ride around Siem Reap to get oriented! Maybe venture into their market square - prepare to barter! Look around for a while and get to know prices. The deeper into the stalls you go, the more likely you will find a deal. Check out a local restaurant and try the Amok perhaps. It is delicious! Afternoon yoga, group dinner and discuss plans for tomorrow. Maybe have your massage (one included per guest on this trip)

Monday Jan 13, 2020 - Sunrise at Angkor Wat (rise at 4 am), transport via to temple with guide. Mediate silently at temple. Return for yoga and breakfast.  Continue with guide for day until heat requires a rest.  Possible afternoon yoga depending upon time. Dinner. Free time. 

Tuesday Jan 14, 2020 - morning yoga and meditation. Temple Day number 2 with guide. Return for afternoon practice followed by dinner.  Free time.  Want some night life?  Yes they have a street for that too.

Wednesday Jan 15, 2020 - morning yoga and meditation. Temple Day number 3 with guide.  Return for afternoon practice and dinner.  Free time - night life, rest, shop, you choose!  You will likely be ready for one of the many infamous foot massages that you can get for about 4 USD!  We had one every day last time. 

Thursday Jan 16, 2020 - Early morning rise (yes again at sunrise) to get to the early morning local market via an oxcart!  Then we will participate in a local cooking class.  Not like grandmas kitchen! Return in afternoon for yoga and maybe a swim to cool off.  Or maybe you are ready to venture out on your own with your Tuk Tuk driver like a local! Dinner.

Friday Jan 17, 2020 - last full day of our adventure.  Maybe you want to add your own excursion?  Perhaps take a trip to see the floating villages of Tonle Sap?  The hotel can help arrange other sites of interest. (Not included)

Saturday Jan 18, 2020 - departure.  Ground transportation to airport provided.  Airfare excluded.    

This 7 night adventure is limited to 8 guests due to the high demand for private rooms .

Before March 2019 1995 USD. After March 29, 2019 the price is $2095 usd. Plus single supplement fee should you choose a private room.

** For the month of  September 2019 if you sign up for a shared room with a friend you will both save $200 USD!  That is a huge savings for a once in a lifetime holiday to the Land of Wonder.  Applies to new bookings only.

Other helpful details:

Each traveler is responsible for determining vaccines and ensuring you meet their travel document requirements and paying the entry fee upon arrival - USD Cash will be needed to enter the country. At the time of writing, Canadians require a tourist Visa which can be purchased upon arrival. Visit for more information. At the time of writing this amount was 37 USD cash. Please travel with crisp USD (old or damaged USD will often be rejected). You will also need to have a couple of passport sized pictures for your entry into Cambodia.

Once you leave the airport, there are ATM machines in Siem Reap that dispense USD that you can use all over as long as they are in good shape.  If you are given a damaged USD you may not be able to use it again in Cambodia but rest assured it has its value when you bring it home.  Inspect your money - if it has a line thru it - it is likely counterfeit.  As anywhere just be diligent and alert and enjoy the adventure! 

People often ask me if I get vaccines.  I have received the Hep A and B vacines. Please speak with your doctor and make a decision that is right for you. May I also suggest you obtain a prescription for antibiotics in the event of an unforeseen bacterial infection.  This was a recommendation of my doctor and one that came in handy! 

Prepare for the adventure of practicing yoga in a country rich with Hindu and Buddhist influence. Dare to take the path less traveled!

Click below and you will be sent an invoice for 50% of trip, payable via credit card (non refundable unless we fill your spot).

The remaining 50% will be  due Nov  11, 2019. 

The leader for this trip is Flying on China Southern Airlines:

Jan 9 Depart Toronto (YYZ) 12:30 am. Terminal 3.

Arrive Guangzhou China (CAN) 5:10 am Jan 10. 3 hr 30 min layover.

Depart Guangzhou (CAN) 8:40 am

Arrive Siem Reap (REP) 10:20 am Jan 10, 2019 (one day prior to retreat)


Jan 18 Departure Siem Reap (REP)  11:10 am China Southern Air

Arrive Guangzhou (CAN) 2:35 pm.  23 hour, 50 min layover.

Depart Guanzhou (CAN) 2:25 pm Jan 19

Arrive Toronto (YYZ) 4:30 pm. Terminal 3


All guests are welcome to book to arrive early, however you must prebook your own room at Navutu Dreams. Payable directly to the hotel. 

2020 March 28 - April 6 Yoga & Temples in Bali - SOLD OUT

March 28, 2020

Join the 2020 group for 9 nights, 10 days in Bali, Island of the Gods. This yoga trip is so well received that past participants want to return. On this yoga holiday expect the unexpected and prepare to open yourself to a new way of seeing and receiving. The Balinese culture emits a strong relationship to its spiritual base - offerings, temples, a strong sense of community and attitudes of gratitude are the main themes across the island.

We will travel to various locations on this island in Indonesia. Accommodations will be in a variety of hotels starting with a more traditionally inspired eco-resort Balinese villa in Sideman towards the east side of the Island, and ending with a two night stay on the ocean in a luxurious resort on the west side of the island. Each place has been chosen to afford you a new and different experience.

You will discover that each area of the island has its own feeling and will inspire you in a unique way. It is important to understand that traveling in Bali requires an open mind regarding plans and expectations. Including yoga practice locations onsite, with local teachers.

Across the island, ceremonies occur often and unfold according to their calendar and guidance of their Holy man. Traffic will stop for unexpected processions and ceremonies. Instead of being upset that it has interfered with your plans adopt an attitude of gratitude that you get to witness their beautiful culture. It truly is a gift.



March 28th - March 31 Join the group at our location near the East Coast of the island ( approximately 1.5 hours from DPS airport where you will land). We will have 3 nights away from the hustle and bustle of the more populated area of Bali and take in its beautiful countryside as you acclimate to the 12 hour time difference. While in this area of the island, you will have the opportunity to visit Pura Besikah (The Mother Temple) and climb the challenging but manageable 1700 stairs to the Gates of Heaven, Pura Lempuyang Luhur. Please note that all temples require a sarong and modest dress. The early morning hike will take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to the top and about 1 hour to descend. We will return in the early afternoon to rest, practice, & reflect. Sarongs are mandatory as this is a sacred Hindu temple, bring water, a snack and a light jacket as you ascend it can get cooler. If time allows we will also visit the picturesque Tirta Gangga.


March 31 - April 4. We depart the east coast and make our way into Ubud, the bustling cultural mecca of Bali. While in Ubud, you will be given a pass to practice a limited number of yoga classes of your choice at the Yoga Barn. You must register 30 minutes prior to class for daytime classes. There is an onsite Garden Kafe to grab a cold pressed healthy elixir after practice. (


While in Ubud we will visit Tirta Empul temple - The holy water temple where you will have an opportunity to wear a water sarong to immerse in the holy spring water for ritual purification. We will also visit Pura Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) built as a spiritual place for shiva priests to meditate. Walk outside of the cave to a higher temple and you can receive a blessing with rice placed on your forehead. A small donation would be kind should your receive this blessing. Also onsite down an outdoor staircase is Buddha Temple with beautiful gardens and pond. Peaceful and soothing, take in the large 500 year old tree with its massive root structure. Temple fees all included in your trip price. Sarongs can be borrowed and are included in the price should you not have one. During our return from these temples we will visit a local coffee plantation where you can sample about 10 different teas and coffees while taking a short rest in the jungle area at wooden tables. Like what you taste? Feel free to stop in their shop and bring some home. From lemongrass and mangosteen tea to the famous kopi luwak coffee. You choose!


While in Ubud you will also have the opportunity to attend the newly erected Pyramids of Chi. ( Several of us attended this unique and energetically powerful location on our last trip. The experience is difficult to put into words. Everyone's journey is different. Come and experience for yourself the ultimate sound bath experience.


Of course no journey to Ubud would be complete without a visit or two to the Market where locals sell their variety of wares from statues to clothing, woven goods to art, and everything in between. Remember haggling is an expected part of the experience. As a general rule of thumb they request 3 times the selling price so offer about 30 percent of what they are asking. Remember though, this is their livelihood and don't be too stingy just to save a dollar. It will mean more to them than it will staying in your pocket. If there is time we may take in a waterfall just outside of Ubud. It can be refreshing on a hot day. Ubud is very easy to visit and you will be encouraged to head out on your own or with a friend to take in a massage (or 12 if you are like past guests). Massages are EVERYWHERE and you can find them for the equivalent of 10 - 30 dollars CAD for 1-1.5 hours.


We will also attend a Kecak Fire Dance in Ubud. Kecak Fire show this year will be observed near Ubud Palace. Chanting, singing, dancing and costumes tell the story of Rama who wants to rescue his wife Sita from the hands of evil Rawana. Rama asks Hanoman for help.


April 4- 6 we will head to our final destination on the western side of the island. While here we will visit either Tanah Lot temple at sunset, an ancient Hindu shrine built on a rock formation in the water. If the tide is up you may have an opportunity to walk escorted across the water to enter the temple for a blessing should you choose. You will require a sarong if you cross the water to enter the temple.

We will celebrate the conclusion of our time together with a traditional Indonesian farewell dinner on the 5th before saying goodbye to our new travel friends and exotic Bali.


*Entrance fees to all above mentioned temples.

*Yoga, including a pass to the Yoga Barn while in Ubud

*Transportation within Bali to the above noted locations

*Breakfasts onsite at hotels

*Dinners (**UP TO 200,000 IDR equivalent to approximately 20 CAD). Please note that any beverages (non and alcoholic) are not included and are the responsibility of each guest. Any additional food consumed above the noted amount must be paid at the end of each meal. It is very easy to eat well with a wider variety of food choices for less than 20 CAD in Bali.

*Accommodations for 9 nights. Your shared room will vary from a well comfortable and traditionally inspired Balinese eco villa to a more familiar Western designed hotel room. All accomodations will have western amenities (hot water and western toilets).

*Bottled water will be provided in each hotel. Bali water is not suitable for drinking

*Accommodations will be a mix between shared (twin beds) and private rooms.  If you want a guaranteed private room a single supplement surcharge is available (limited space, will be confirmed upon booking)


*Airfare to DPS airport in Bali (from Canada this is approximately 900 - 1200 CAD) Consult a travel agent. [Cheryl (group leader) will be travelling via Eva Airways Flt 35 Departing YYZ at 1:20 am Thursday March 26 with a stop over in TPE, to arrrive Denpasar Bali (DPS) on Friday March 27 3:20 pm.  Arrival day one day prior to retreat date.  All participants are welcome to arrive early however you must prebook your own hotel room. The group leader will be flying out of Bali (DPS) on Mon April 6 at 4:15 pm Eva Airways flt 256 with stop overs in Teipei and Vancouver. Arriving back to Toronto on April 7 at 6:04 am

*Ground transportation to/from DPS airport upon arrival and departure. This is very easy to arrange. We will be happy to assist should you have concerns. Payment will be in IDR Indonesian Rupiah directly to your driver. The fee to the east coast of the island will be approximately 400,000 IDR or $40.00 CAD.

*lunches, snacks, beverages (alcohol is heavily taxed in Bali and can cost more than food. Expect to pay equivalent of 12- 15 CAD dollars for a glass of their local wine made with Australian grapes Two Islands.) Bintang their local beer is typically between $2.50 - $5.00 equivalent CAD per bottle. Feedback is that most people enjoy the Bintang and Two Islands wine. Two Island Bottle is about $35 CAD.



Early Bird Booking (before August 1,2019) you get the 2019 price of $2125 CAD. Aug 1, 2019 price increases to $2275 CAD.  Payable in 3 installments - Deposit, 2 equal installments of remaining amount due by Sept 31, 2019 and Jan 31, 2020.

Single Supplement Fee = 400 CAD for private room (must be confirmed before booking for availability)


Want to come? We require a $500 deposit to hold your spot (non refundable however, should you choose to cancel your deposit will be refunded if we resell your spot or it can be applied to another yoga event available with us.) If this event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances you will receive a full refund of any money paid. All payments can be made via credit card or e-transfers in Canadian funds.


Email to secure your spot. Space is limited and this trip routinely sells out well in advance.


It is recommended that you purchase Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) from your local bank at least 2 weeks before departure. Over the past 5 years we have seen prices continue to rise in Bali. Hotels that we have stayed in the past have doubled in price, petrol prices, temple entrance fees etc have all increased dramatically. People often ask how much spending money to take. This really depends on your eating, drinking and spending habits. You will be able to pick up great items at the market still inexpensive. If you wish to enjoy alcoholic beverages on your holiday plan for that according to the prices outlined above. Should you wish to go river rafting or other excursions we can help negotiate a price that would be paid directly to the local with IDR. For example, should you wish to go River rafting while in Ubud booking online in advance will cost about 70 to 100 CAD. We can help negotiate a price for about 35.00 CAD with our local contact whom you would pay directly once we arrive. The same is true for snorkeling day trips or hiking Mt Batur. Just let us know and we can help facilitate your activity.

Sign up today to secure your spot!  This event tends to sell out well in advance of departure.

**The locations of our stay will be revealed upon booking to ensure this trip is not repeated elsewhere. This is a one of a kind curated trip.  


Please ensure you look for flights departing 2 days prior to arrival.  If you wish to arrive to Bali from North America on March 28th, you will need to book a flight departing on March 26th.  Please note, if you are intending to arrive early, the airport in Bali will be closed for Nyepi, their Balinese New Year Day.  Nyepi is a great experience to behold, if you wish to take it in this year you will need to arrive by March 25, 2020.  The following day, March 26th, you will not be allowed out on the streets and the airport will be closed. It is a great way to build in rest for yourself should you arrive early. These rules are strictly enforced as the Balinese believe the island needs to be silent to convince bad spirits not to descent upon the island.   I will likely arrive late on March 26th or early March 27th, one day early to make my way to the first location.  If you wish to do the same I will gladly share my location with you and share costs to the venue.  I will also be booking at least one additional night at our final hotel.  If you wish to do this as well I will provide that information to you.   

May 9 - 16, 2020 Align with the Divine Yoga Retreat - Lagos Portugal

May 09, 2020

Discover Blissful Balance. Align your 7 major chakras with specific and thoughtfully chosen combinations of pranayama, asana, and music meditations to lift your heart and align with the Divine.


  • 7 nights Quinta Bonita Luxury Boutique Hotel, Algarve region of  Portugal

  • Daily energy aligning yoga practice

  • 3 healthy and satisfying meals daily, fresh local produce and fruit from the onsite orchard

  • Complimentary tea and coffee and use of bathrobes  

  • Afternoon tea and sweet

  • Bright rooms with sea or country view

  • Yoga Shala with props, blocks and mats

  • Pool with sun loungers, tables and chairs

  • Honesty bar

  • Walking paths and cliff top views, ponds and cobbled pathways

  • Country living, and only 4 kms to town

  • Minutes away from several beaches

  • Optional excursions (additional fee) visit a winery, go sailing. equestrian riding or cycling

  • Optional (additional fee) massages, facials and pedicures available in the comfort of your own room

  • 2 pristine golf courses nearby (additional fee)

  • Optional day trip to Sagres, Monichique, or Silves for cultural enlightenment (additional fee)

Quinta Bonita Luxury Boutique Hotel

  • Perched high on a hillside with panoramic ocean views over Luz and Lagos bays, at Quinta Bonita traditional charm and modern luxury blend seamlessly in idyllic surroundings to create a truly unforgettable experience.

  • A choice of 8 spacious double or twin rooms and a 2 bedroom garden cottage, all individually designed and beautifully decorated with designer fabrics, in which to unwind. Every room boasts its own private terrace or balcony and is fully equipped with 100% Egyptian cotton linen, mini-bar, air-conditioning, flat screen satellite TV, bathrobes and luxury toiletries.
    Full buffet breakfast/brunch featuring fruit from their orchard and warm bread delivered daily at dawn is enjoyed whilst overlooking the sweeping lawns. Yoga retreat programs are fully catered for and include afternoon tea with cake and fruit and dinner. Option to dine at a local winery also possible.

  • Fully equipped Azulejos (Portuguese tiled) glass fronted yoga studio with stunning outlook over the spectacular gardens and cork insulted wooden floor. Mats, bricks, blocks, eye pillows, straps and bolsters included.

  • Explore the 10,000 square metres of spectacular gardens, including a large outdoor swimming pool, cobbled pathways, ponds and fountains, help yourself to a drink from the honesty bar as you enjoy lunch by the pool, indulge in a massage or for the more energetic take a spin on one of their hire bikes.

  • Fantastically located - the ancient port of Lagos with its castle walls, narrow, cobbled streets and pottery shops and many of the beautiful Algarve beaches are just a few minutes’ drive away.

  • Max 19 guests. Shared accommodations.


Food & Beverage

  • Includes daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Vegetarian Meals

  • Vegan Meals

  • Gluten-Free Meals

  • Fish & Meat

  • Alcohol is available for purchase

  • Snacks are available for purchase


  • Classroom/Deck for yoga & fitness

  • Internet

  • Pool

  • Ensuite bathrooms

  • Air conditioning

  • Accessible kitchen for guest cooking classes

  • Hot water

  • 220 volt outlets

  • Mosquito nets

  • Hair dryers

  • Towels

  • Sound system for instructor use in yoga/fitness space

Yoga & Fitness Equipment

  • yoga mats

  • yoga blocks

  • yoga straps

  • towels

Only $295 USD deposit to hold your spot! Shared accommodations only.  Monthly payment plans available!

Want to book?  There is an early bird discount of 10% off if you book by Oct 3, 2019!  Use code TRIBE10 at checkout!  Missed the deadline?  Use my private discount code to get $100 credit towards your trip!  All prices in USD. Code 0EW98BJ 

Booking link

2020 Sept 26 - Oct 3 Amalfi Coast, Italy

September 26, 2020

We are returning to the beautiful Italian coast in Southern Italy in the fall of 2020.  Hint... Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius, Capri and a few other inclusions are being crafted.  This will be a 7 night holiday in Southern Italy suitable for all levels including beginners (and spouses that may just want to come for the excursions)! Our trips tend to have a focus on fun and living life fully.  We enhance the trip with yoga offered once or twice a day dependent upon our daily  itinerary and healthy delicious healing vegetarian food.  The price will include yoga, selected excursions, 3 meals prepared each day (1 meal excluded while on day trips).

You will notice that most of our trips sell out well in advance of departure.  No spaces can be held without the non refundable deposit.

Single, and double accommodations will be available in a unique restored 16th century convent -  where the rooms have a view of the water! 



* 7 nights Amalfi Coast with private use of 16th Century Restored Convent overlooking Bay of Naples

​* 3 vegetarian meals daily (excluding 1 day trip, meals responsibility of each guest)

* one glass of wine with dinner and lunch at the venue

* Capri day trip and boat excursion

* Pompeii ruins with private transportation for our group - explore on your own or rent a guided tour with earphones (excluded)

* Hiking Mount Vesuvius transportation. Park ticket entrance excluded approx 10 euro

* Hiking Punta Campanella, a stretch of Coast considered sacred since ancient times. More info:

* Lemoncella Tour and tasting

* daily meditation (silent) and guided yoga practices in a venue infused with spiritual history


* airfare. Closest airport is Naples.

* Transportation from Naples Airport to Sorrento. Although there are several ways to travel from Naples to Sorrento including boat, car, train and bus.  

*Here is the link for bus:

* Here is the link from trip advisor on how to get from the Naples airport to the train station:

* Prefer to hire a driver for private taxi?  Here is a link:

* additional excursions

* trip cancellation insurance

* additional alcohol , food etc not listed as an inclusion

* medical insurance




Single Room - 5 available - 1990 Euro

Twin Shared Room -9 available - 1790 Euro

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT:  Book with deposit of 350 Euro by Sept 26, 2019.  After Sept 26 2019 the price increases by 100 Euro per person if there are any rooms available.

Payment plan:

Deposit 350 Euro  (non refundable).

Remaining amount payable in 3 equal installments due by June 1, 2019, Feb 1, 2020, & final payment due by Aug 1, 2020. 

Payments once received are non refundable. Please obtain trip cancellation insurance.

Once you have decided to attend, you will be issued an invoice for payment with credit card payable in Euro.  The remaining payment invoices will be automatically sent via Paypal for processing.  



2019 Mykonos, Greece Sept 9 - SOLD OUT

September 09, 2019

The response to the 2018 line up was exceptional to The World is Our Mat series.  You have asked for more - you got it.  Mykonos, Greece - Private 9 bedroom Luxury villa part of the Blue Villas Luxury Concept group. All reservations are priced at 1995 Euro/person.  We have room for 8 more people, 18 total are going and 8 already booked.  Rooms available at the time of writing this: 2 rooms for a couple (one double bed/room) and 2 rooms with 2 beds each for friends or we can hook you up with a roommate so you don't pay single supplement fee (1000 Euro).  The exact location of this villa will be unveiled upon arrival to ensure your trip is one of a kind. 

This is a one of a kind vacation with a private chef to prepare our villa meals - 2 per day including breakfast and late dinner.  Following our morning yoga, Breakfast will be served overlooking the Aaegan Sea, either on the patio or inside with the same spectacular view.  After breakfast, linger in our amazing Villa or take a ride into town and explore one of the many villages, book a spa service, sight-see, shop, horseback ride....there are many optional excursions for you to create your own experience.  Dinner ( 7 pm) is served after evening yoga (5 pm) as prepared by our villa Chef.  Feel free to relax in the comfort of your own room, or share stories, a glass of wine or simply enjoy the evening sunset.  

The temperature is about 75 degrees in September during the day and about 69 in the evening.  There is a light breeze throughout the island, sending scents of sea right to your door. Rain is minimal.

Due to limited space and the reality that most of Yoga Glow Studio events sell out quickly, be advised we cannot hold your spot until your deposit is received.  Thanks for your understanding.

Want to book?  Send me an email at and I will send you an invoice.  You click the Pay link and provide your credit card information and you are all set.  Please note: I cannot accept CAD currency due to the fluctuating dollar.  The event requires payment in Euro and so this is the currency we use as well.  Your deposit is non refundable should you change your mind.  Please purchase cancellation insurance and medical insurance and ensure your travel documents meet the entry criteria for Greece.


It is recommended that you avoid using your credit card once there as they will charge you an additional 24% VAT.  Cash is recommended. 




2019 July 12-14 Summer Soul Women Weekend - SOLD OUT

July 12, 2019

Summer Soul Women Weekend - Wellness Yoga Retreat - July 12 to 14th, 2019. This summer's wellness weekend is being held at Forks of the Credit Inn in picturesque Caledon Ontario. Pack your bags and immerse yourself in the healing environment of healthy food, positive affirmations, peaceful hikes on nearby trails, 4 yoga classes, guided meditations and time to explore, journal or take in a healing massage (extra). We have the historic boutique Inn all to ourselves for this blissful and insightful weekend.


Why a weekend retreat? Creating distance from our every day demands in a sacred space, allows us the capacity to discover what matters most - our Self. We can invest in ourselves wisely, develop insight and therefore clarity; ignite our soul and strengthen our resilience to wisely decide our next course of action.


Forks of the Credit Inn has received solid 5/5 rating on Trip Advisor and 9.8/10 on Booking. It has been described as a "magical and peaceful sanctuary","dreamy", "PERFECT GETAWAY". And we have it Friday to Sunday! Just a short 3 hour drive from Chatham (259 km), it's closer than last years location for those that want less time on the road.


​Friday July 12 - arrival, settle, yoga at 5 - 6:30 pm, group dinner at 7 onsite catered by local chef. Bonfire optional (bring your favorite old time campfire songs! Reconnect to your childhood memories)


Saturday July 13 - 7 am meditation. Yoga 7:30 - 8:45 am - breakfast to follow at 9 am. Prepare to explore the local provincial park just a few steps away from our retreat. The immersion in nature, is sure to reignite your connection to mother earth, not separate from but part of something beyond description. Don't want to hike the local trails? Maybe what is good for your soul is exploring the local towns on your own, or adding in a massage (extra). Afternoon yoga begins at 5 - 6:30 pm. Healthy, healing foods served at 7 pm (food prana). Bonfire or journal after dinner. Have a guitar? A gift of voice? Share it! We never know how these evenings unfold but they have never disappointed!


Sunday July 14 - 7 am meditation. Yoga 7:30 - 8:45 am. Breakfast. Soak up your last bit of time with your SELF. Now take it home with you. Refreshed. Reconnected. Renewed. YOU.


Various rooms and rates available. Book at



This retreat offers air conditioned shared rooms, the rooms are all unique with various configurations.  The Inn has been described as beautifully kept, spacious, airy and comfortable. 


Prices and Room Options:


Torlan Room (SOLD OUT) - 1 king bed with fireplace - suitable for a couple or two good friends who don't mind a shared bed.  Price per person is $575.00 plus hst for the weekend.  Bright and spacious with an original stone wall and pine plank floors. Windows on both sides of the room provide a cross breeze and views of the front and back yards.  Private ensuite bathroom with shower. Flat screen TV, free wifi, hairdryer, bathrobes.

Talulah Room (SOLD OUT ) - 1 King Bed, 1 Dbl murphy bed - room for up to 4 people.  Price is $550 plus hst per person for 3 or 4 people.  Suitable for couples who know each other or friends who don't mind sharing a bed.  This room is available for 3 or 4 guests who book together.  Its glass shower overlooks the room (don't worry there is a privacy curtain), the murphy bed is in the sitting room and will serve as a second bedroom for our event.  It has original pine floors and large arched windows.  Includes flat screen  tv, free wifi, hairdryer, bathrobes.  **This room is available for 2 guests with a single supplement fee of $99.00/person ($649/person plus hst)


Avon Mara Room (SOLD OUT) - 4 XL twin beds sleeping 4 guests.  This is a large classic room with a desk and large soaker tub with views of the garden area. Ensuite bathroom, TV, free wifi, bathrobes, hairdryer.This room is where we will put you if you don't have a friend to book with.  You will make a new friend(s) by the end of the weekend. Single booking $625, Book 2 friends $575, Book 3 friends in this room $550/person

Yoki Room (SOLD OUT) - sleeps 2 best for a couple of close friends.  $575/person. Ensuite with claw foot tub. TV, wifi, bathrobes, hairdryer. Situated on main floor.  This room is available for a single booking with a supplemental fee of $150.00

PERSONAL Bunkie (SOLD OUT) - a little outdoor oasis separate from the main house.  It has 1 single and 1 dbl bed.  Outdoor shower! Sink and toilet inside the main house.  Ideal for 2 or 3 friends who want to have their own space, get cozy with the outdoors.  Book two together this room is $525 person.  3 in this room $450 person but it will be cozy.  

Renew yourself, rekindle time with friends and get a fresh perspective by taking in a new experience.  Soak in the outdoor activities and place an emphasis on wellness to reconnect to what matters - your inner guide.

2019 May 24 - May 31, Granada, Andalucia in Southern Spain - SOLD OUT

May 24, 2019

"Granada is so moving that it stimulates and melts all of the senses" ~ Henri Matisse 

" If you ever want to visit just one city in Spain, it should be Granada" ~ Ernest Hemingway

"Granada, the most beautiful sunset in the world" ~ Bill Clinton

"The truth is, I am beginning to wonder if there is any greater pleasure in life than visiting Granada..." ~ Alejandro Dumas

It has been on my radar for a couple years and it has finally come together.  A few years ago I spoke with one of the hosts of this wonderful venue and we planned to work together. Granada is the home of Flamenco and the UNESCO world heritage sites of the Alhambra and Albaycin district.  We are visiting both!  Our location is surrounded by mountains and a short drive to one of their famous beaches - yes we are doing that too!  I chose this location for its heritage and its accessible location.  Just a 30 minute drive from the Granada airport (ground transportation included) and a venue that is very well versed in providing retreats/vacations to suit our wishes.

We will have a chef on site to manage dietary concerns.   Each well appointed room in this large villa has its own bathroom, air conditioning with a variety of accommodations to fit various budgets. Quad, triple, single and double variations (twin beds or queen bed).  The round peaked yoga shala has an amazing view of the surrounding mountain foothills to draw us visually closer to nature; it can hold up to 30 participants.  Yoga will be offered twice daily, as will meditation for those that wish to participate. A more stimulating morning practice and a gentler evening practice before dinner. The centre has an outdoor pool, and a terrace set within the gardens of the property. The restaurant serves traditional locally prepared dishes and has a bar available. One alcoholic beverage is available with each onsite dinner meal if you choose. 

What does our week look like? Click here to see our suggested itinerary (subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)

May 24, 2019 we arrive to Granada airport (flight excluded) where we are met by our ground transportation (taxi included) anytime between 3 and 4:30 pm for included ground transportation.  After that time frame you will be responsible for your own transportation (30 Euro approx per cab).  Welcome dinner and walk the grounds to become oriented with your home for the next 7 nights.

The following days will include a day trip to the Alhambra (UNESCO world heritage site), a trip and walking tour through the old Albaycin district reminiscent of the Medieval times, a day trip to the splendid beach of Solobrena in sunny coastal Spain, explore the cave dwellings and take in a traditional Flamenco dance experience.  Click the bold text for links to provide examples of these excursions All of these excursions are included in our holiday together.  Nothing is mandatory, everything is optional.  Prefer to head off on your own excursion? Go for it!  


*7 nights large country villa

*3 meals/day prepared by Chef onsite.  Dietary concerns can be accommodated.

*1 alcoholic beverage with your dinner at the villa

*Typical meals consist of healthy traditional Mediterranean meals provided with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. We will ask for your meal preference before arrival (vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, carnivore)

*1/2 Day trip to Alhambra (this must be purchased minimum 3 months prior to ensure a ticket due to popularity.  Please note if you leave your booking for this trip until 3 months prior we cannot guarantee this excursion)

*1/2 Day trip to Salobrena beach on the tropical coast with picnic. Beach isn't your thing? Then you have the opportunity to explore the historic town and El Castillo de Salobrena!

*1/2 Day exploring the Medieval neighbourhood of Albaycin, Arab tea/shops, historic look out points and a traditional meal in town. 

*An evening out as we head to the Sacromonte caves neighbourhood, take in a traditional Flamenco workshop with a dinner and Tapas. Return home around 10 pm

This schedule allows you some time to take in other optional excursions, relax at the venue, or perhaps take in a optional spa treatment onsite (Reiki, Ayurvedic massage,  shiatsu or raindrop massage).


Double - 2 per room/twin or queen - 1380 Euro

Single - 1 per room - 1510 regular

Number of participants will be dependent upon room types chosen. 

To hold your spot we require a non refundable deposit of 350 Euro.  Once you send a email request your reservation we will send an invoice payable via credit card on our secure PayPal account.  You do not require a PayPal account to use this service.  Your remaining payment will be divided in 2 equal payments due Nov 15, 2018 and April 15, 2019.


Please note that the majority of our trips sell out well before the departure date.  On occasion we have a cancellation and will take a wait list.  We cannot hold your spot without the deposit as a result of the popularity of our trips.  


Airfare, trip insurance, spa treatments, additional alcohol, any additional excursions etc.

We (hosts) have purchased airfare from Toronto to Malaga.  If you choose to fly into Malaga there is a bus that runs frequently between Malaga and Granada (not included).

Another option is to fly into Barcelona and catch an internal flight to Granada.  

Please meet at Granada airport between 3 and 4:30 for included group taxi.  If you need to arrive outside of that time,  you can catch a taxi from the airport to the Venue (your expense approx 30 euro/taxi).  


Want to come? Email us and we will send you an invoice for the deposit of 350 Euro.  Euro only (credit card will convert it using our system).  It is easy!

This is your Tuscany Dream Vacation.  Loaded with activities included in the price.  This holiday will allow max of 14-16 people to explore La Dolce Vita - The Sweet Life of Italy.  Il Borghino is a Tuscan Estate comprised of 4 building created in the 1700's and 1800's.  It has been meticulously restored to provide elegant comfort Tuscan style.  Wood beamed ceilings, stone, terracotta, marble - each bedroom has a gorgeous view of the Tuscan countryside.  You are not isolated to a bedroom, but instead will share multiple buildings with your fellow guests.  Fireplaces, multiple lounge areas.  There are 11 bedrooms with 10 bathrooms.  This is living on an Italian Estate for 7 unbelievable nights. The estate is booked solely for our group of travelers.

Included in this amazing dream holiday: 3 organic, locally sourced farm to table delectable meals per day while at the Estate.  Fresh pressed vegetable and juice each morning and cleansing organic teas start the day with a hearty breakfast.  2 Yoga classes a day are available (except for our day away at Cinque Terre).  Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre over looking the Mediterranean Sea.   The day that we travel to this location we will leave at 7 am and spend the day walking/hiking/exploring 5 different villages.  (Please be prepared to bring Euros for lunch this day).  Other days we will participate in an Italian cooking class, take a walking excursion to a local winery to taste test and indulge in Italian Vino. Another day we will have a bike/walking tour of Lucca, a medieval village surrounded by stone walls.  Each of these day trips takes about 3-4 hours and still allows lots of time to enjoy our sumptuous meals at the estate and practice yoga in the morning before breakfast and before taking our evening dinner over looking the countryside of olive groves, vineyards and rolling mountains in the background.  Ahhhh! La Dolce Vita!  This is the sweet life of a Tuscan Dream.  Limited space for this carefully designed European holiday.  A deposit of 300 Euros is required to hold your spot.  


7 nights accommodations at Il Borghino Estate (price varies depending upon room choice)

3 organic and locally sourced vegetarian meals/day when at the Estate ( lactose and gluten requirements can be accommodated) 

1/2 bottle of local Italian wine with evening meal

Day Trip to Cinque Terre UNESCO world heritage site (full day)

Wine tasting and walking excursion to winery (3-4 hours)

A night exploring at Piestrasanta, a lively artist village (please bring money for food)

Bike and Walking tour of Lucca, a medieval walled town (3-4 hours)

Italian Cooking Class (2-3 hours)

One complimentary use of the Turkish Sauna/steam room ( 3hr session)

​10 yoga classes with Cheryl (2/day except for the day trip to Cinque Terre as we will be gone all day)

Fresh fruit/vegetable juice at breakfast

Unlimited water and herbal teas

​Transfers to/from Lucca to Il Borghino at the start and finish of the retreat (ONE agreed upon pick-up time.  Anything outside of that is covered by each participant)



travel insurance

other optional excursions

massages/holistic treatments

ground transfer if outside of scheduled pick-up/drop off time

meals away from the Estate


ROOM TYPE A: Twin Room with shared bathroom ( 2 guests per room) - 2 rooms, 4 beds available - 1775 Euros per person

ROOM TYPE B: Twin Room with private bathroom ( 2 guests per room) - 5 rooms available, 10 beds - 1875 Euros per person (This room can be converted to King Bed for a couple, price the same)

ROOM TYPE C: Double Bed with Private Bath (2 guests per room) - 1 room available, 1 bed - best for couple - 1875 Euros per person

ROOM TYPE D: Single Bed with Private Bath (1 guest per room) - 2 rooms available - 1995 euros  per person


BOOK NOW! Click the link below and you will be directed to my email. I will send an invoice for payment to book your spot via secure link.  Once the initial deposit is provided (300 Euros) you will receive confirmation of your booking. Simple!  The second installment is due by March 15 (50 % of remaining) and the Final installment is due by August 13, 2018 (100% paid).

Cancellations and  Refunds:

Initial deposit is non-refundable.  Please obtain travel insurance should your health prevent you from participating.  The deposit is holding your spot with the understanding you will make 2 more payments.  Please note that I am responsible for sending specified payments to Il Borghino and in that regard I am held accountable by the same protocol.   

If you cancel:

- Up to March 14 - initial deposit is non refundable

- On or after March 15 when 2nd deposit is due - initial deposit is non refundable plus 25% of the second deposit is non refundable

- Between March 15 - April 15 - initial deposit is non refundable plus 50 percent of the second deposit is non refundable

- Between April 16 - May 15 - initial deposit is non refundable plus 75 percent of the second deposit

- Between May 16 - June 13 and up to the final payment day August 13- initial deposit is non refundable plus 100 percent of second deposit is non refundable

- August 13 - Final Payment is due and entire payment is non refundable (2 months prior to retreat it must be paid)

Looking forward to sharing a week of La Dolce Vita with you in the heart of Italy!


Cheryl is returning to Bali Indonesia in 2018 and she wants you to join her!  This is a trip for anyone that is interested in travel, learning about a different culture, wants to get away to an exotic location, has a sense of adventure, interested in health and wellness and yoga.

Travel across the globe to Southeast Asia to experience the tastes, smells and sights of Bali.  This island in Indonesia is referred to as the Island of the Gods. It is said that there are over 10,000 temples on this island.  Throughout the day you will witness the local Balinese making offerings dressed in their traditional clothing placing beautiful hand woven banana leaf baskets filled with flowers, rice, and candies outside of family dwellings, lining the streets outside of businesses and in temples.  It's one of the beautiful traditions that sticks with you long after you leave the island. The sense of spirituality is inescapable.  


The location for this trip is the Hotel Komune Resort and Beach Club located on the southeast coast of the island near Keramas surf. Sometimes venturing to a culture far from home, may create a sense of hesitation and it stops us from seeing the world.  If this sounds like you this trip may speak to you.  Rest assured you will be traveling with someone who has been to Bali twice before and is familiar with what to expect. 


This 8 night/9 day vacation is designed to provide you with a sense of luxury on the beach.  Included in the price is your choice of accommodation ($1745-2455 USD), 2 yoga classes/day with Cheryl, 3 meals a day prepared with predominantly organic locally sourced foods.  Many of these plants can be seen growing along the sandy paths on the hotel grounds. Ground transportation to/from the Ngurah Rai International airport in Denpasar is included for arrival and departure 1.5 hours).  


Meals are created by a renowned chef who will accommodate vegan and gluten-free diets. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Alcoholic beverages and additional snacks are available for an additional fee if needed.


Practice yoga in the open air shala and enjoy your meals in a traditional open air Balinese restaurant; allowing you to enjoy the lush scenery in a covered location. 


You may enjoy the beach front room or lounge by the adult only pool overlooking the Keramas surf.  When the tide is low enjoy snorkeling in the clear lagoon or take your yoga practice out onto a paddle board.  Ease your muscles with a traditional Balinese massage in the spa or go outside the grounds to seek a local massage facility.  Last time we went we had a massage every day in the village!  Don't be surprised if you can get a great 1 hour massage for $10 in town!  Maybe you are searching for the perfect Balinese gift or souvenir? Ubud the cultural mecca of Bali is located only 30 minutes away and is extremely tourist friendly with restaurants, silversmiths, carvings and other local artisan treasures. While walking the streets in Ubud you will notice how many other yogis there are wandering this town.  While in Ubud you won't want to miss Monkey Forest.  Well worth the visit, plan to spend a couple of hours in this large forested area - you are entering their home where they are not contained with fences or any sort.  You will know you are near the location when you see the Monkeys on the street.  Make sure you firmly attach any belongings and zip up your bags.  These creatures are sneaky and fast curious thieves!

End the day watching the sunset, enjoying the company of new friends or taking quiet refuge on your mat.  This is your trip, make the most of this bucket list vacation.  Excursions such as hiking Mt Batur, white water rafting, marine city water park, Balinese cooking classes are available for extra cost upon arrival.  Do more or do less. It's up to you! 


There is something about Bali that keeps drawing me back, join me!  


The price for this 9 day luxury vacation begins at $1745 USD.  Use the code 0EW98BJ  and save $100 USD! That makes the trip $1645 USD.  Your spot is secured with a deposit of $295 USD at  The remainder is payable monthly with automatic installments.  Flight and insurance is extra and the responsibility of the booking guest.  Plan to depart Toronto or Detroit on March 26. The flight time generally is about 24 hours and there is a 12 hour time difference.  This will allow us to arrive by March 28. IT is SOOO worth it, that's why we keep going back! 

AND if you book and then refer a friend who books you will get another $100 USD credit to use towards your trip!  The more you invite, the more chances you have of getting more money off each time someone books with your code!

2018 Stillpoint Weekend Retreat June 22 - 24. SOLD OUT

June 22, 2018

A laid back, chill out, rekindle friendships, practice yoga kind of weekend in Prince Edward County.  This weekend retreat begins on Friday June 22, 2018 and ends Sunday June 24, 2018.  Stillpoint Yoga Retreat Centre is a bed and breakfast centre owned by Yogi Glenn Mifsud.  Glenn is technically in retirement and has agreed to let me offer a small retreat.  We are in the early plannning stages however there are some details we are ready to share!  There is room for 12 participants and due to this popular destination I anticipate it will fill quickly.  The price is $425.00 plus hst.  This includes your shared room, 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, all the tea and coffee you like, and 4 yoga classes.  It may also include a special guest - TBD for Saturday night.

Please note when you click the sign up button it will hold your spot temporarily (1 week)  until payment is received.  Refunds will be given if you cancel at least 30 days prior to the event start date.  Therefore if you contact Cheryl in writing by May 21 to cancel you will receive a refund.  After that date NO REFUNDS will be given.


The schedule looks something like this:


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Yoga Class lead by Cheryl

6:30 pm - Dinner, family style around a big table (vegetarian)

7:30 pm - Karma Yoga Clean Up

8:00 pm - Silent Walk

8:30 pm - music, chat, discuss all things yoga.  Bring an instrument if you have one! 


6:30 am - Wake up (optional) Go to Studio for silent Meditation

7:00 am - 8:30 am Practice with Glenn

8:30 am - Breakfast

9:30 am - Karma Kitchen Clean Up

10 am - 3:30 pm - Free Time - Go explore the wineries, the sand dune or the lovely town of Picton

4:00 pm - 6:00 Yoga Class with Cheryl

6:30 pm - Dinner

8:00 pm - Walk, dessert, discuss all things yoga


Repeat Saturday until Noon.

Pack up and head home

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


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